Our team was established in 2015 without a mentor, under the leadership of 2 girls, with 5 members. At the beginning of 2017, we met our first mentor, Serkan AYDIN. Our team was born from its ashes with his arrival, so we decided to put the phoenix as our logo.

Our Social Responsibility Projects:
- Hobbit House Balat: The Hobbit Balat is a nonprofit project and also a source of hope for children in need. With this project, we drew attention to importance of supporting the next generation.
- Çorbada Tuzun Olsun : We became a part of this project, where the purpose is to distribute food to people who are economically unfit for accommodation. With the relationships that we developed, we started recreating websites to make their voice heard.
- Sen Yeter Ki İste: With this project, we handed cards out to the students who are being educated under difficult conditions and asked them to write their wishes on the cards. Then we made those wishes come true.
- LÖSEV: LÖSEV is an organization that helps children who are suffering from leukemia and provides emotional support for their families. With the projects we do on a voluntary basis, we support their families for their treatment.
- Animal Shelter Activity: With this project, we visit shelters and spend time with animals. Meanwhile, we are campaigning to provide them with food.
- 1 Şişe Kapağı 1000 Umut: We take part in a project which provides wheelchairs for people with disabilities in exchange for plastic bottle caps.
- Coding Education, Book Donation: We do everything in our power to inspire the younger generation. This perspective pushes us to teach children STEM. In line with this project, we went to Necla Görer Primary School and others. We started various book collection campaigns and it was invaluable for us to see their libraries filled.
- Robotel: Thanks to the "Maker Kid" workshops we had, we obtained information on congenital bone diseases and wanted to find possible solutions for these diseases. Thus, we designed a prosthetic hand then turned it into a prototype with a 3D printer.
- Visit Kırşehir: We visited Vali Recep Yazıcıoğlu Primary School in Kırşehir. We realized that they needed various stationery and clothes for the cold weathe. Thanks to the various donation campaigns we held at our school, we provided them with these needs.
- Safety Conference: Since we are living in an earthquake country, we must raise awareness about natural disasters. In collaboration with the Turkish Red Crescent, we hold conferences to raise awareness about natural disasters.
- Visit Nursing Home: We went to the nursing home, took care of elderly people by creating atmosphere where they could feel comfortable with singing, reading poetry and playing guitar. -Protection Of The Environment: Since we are aware of the possible environmental impacts of our work, we protect our world as we continue to be a part of the FIRST community. Also reducing our ecological footprint will create a positive effect on the world and the environment for all living things.
- Hour Of Code: Perhaps learning how to code is the most important area for educating students. The Hour of Code started as a one-hour introduction to computer science, designed to demystify "code", to show that anybody can learn the basics and to broaden participation in the field of computer science. And these activities helped students to develop the logic of algorithms.
- Career Days: Our old graduates, parents, and guests participates in the career choice organization for the students that want to get information about job choices. Our biggest purpose is to benefit children in high school to get to know the jobs better.

STEM Education in Orphanages: To make sure everyone gets an equal opportunity to get a STEM education, we organized workshops for children who stayed at orphanages under difficult conditions and to public schools that don't have enough resources. These workshops included trainings in mechanics, electronics and programming. Also we started a project called"STEM Dictionary" to help answer questions about STEM from children.

Workshops: In our team's 7 years of existence, we have organized workshops at various events, got organized by various teams or organizations. During these, we gave workshops on how to develop programming and build mBots for people of all ages.

Maker Teacher Trainings: As a team, we are aware of the significance of teachers' role in STEM education. We organize Maker Teacher Trainings in order to improve teachers'understanding of STEM. So far we have organized them in 18 schools from all around Turkey. This workshop includes Arduino, Mindstorms EV3, mBot, Wedo 2.0, and 3D Design.

Brain Game Olympics: We host the Brain Games Olympics with the Turkish Brain Team. We teach brain games to lots of students with the Olympics we organize.

Istech Festivals: Every year we organize festivals called "IstechFest" to increase students' interest in science and technology. At these festivals, we organize different activities for students who want to improve their technical skills.

Summer Camps: We organize Summer Camps for students who want to further improve themselves in the field of STEM with FIRST after İstek festivals. We hold educational workshops about mechanics, electronics, coding, and PR during the season, and continue to do so in the summer camps to help our members retain the information they have learned during the season.

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